Keynote “Can you Kata?” at WebTech Conference

Our karateka Benno Schöfl

At the WebTech Conference in Mainz I was very lucky to support Marko Schulz with his first keynote called “Can you Kata?”, together with Sebastian Sanitz. It was hilarious! We had a lot of fun on stage and received lots of feedback. Watch the video!

The one message everyone should have understood was: Katas let you internalize basic steps, so you will use them subconsciously while programming. That was what the keynote was all about. We had several ideas how to transfer this message to the 300 to 400 people in the audience:

  • by guitar – with cramps in my left hand
  • by dancing – Marko was my “wife” :)
  • by karate – 5th dan Benno Schöfl‘s Tekki Nidan kata
  • by play – make it red, make it green, make it clean, and the code monkey

Here’s the video at Youtube:

Here are the slides at Speaker Deck:

Here are a few reactions to this keynote:

“Eventhough this keynote did not contain a large amount of techincal information, it was percieved as the best of the three [keynotes] by the participants, due to its entertaining and inspiring nature.” — Fabian Lange on InfoQ

“If it was only one idea I could bring back home from #ipc12 #wtc12 it would be #codingDojo” — @b_times_b on Twitter

One of the best keynotes I ever listened to. Well prepared, well presented. Makes me want to try this myself!” — Timo Haberkern on (translated)

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