My blog is dead. Long live my blog.

Chess Kings and knight
The king is dead. Long live the king.
Chess Kings and knight by Andreas Kontokanis


my name is Bernd Schiffer. This is my new blog Agile Trail for all I have to say about Agile, Lean, change and improvement. My old blog “Klick um Klick” is dead as of now.

Back in 1422 the French were the first who used the phrase Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!, which means The king is dead. Long live the king. With this statement they wanted to make clear that in the moment of the death of the old king the new one continued the monarchy without any break in between. Same with my blogs: While I abandon the one, I continue with the other, without any break in between.

I started my old blog “Klick um Klick” (that’s German for “Click for Click”) almost five years ago, and I learned a lot about both, the tool (blogging, writing, publishing) and the content (Agile, Lean, change, improvement). The blog fulfilled it’s purpose; the name had a meaning.

A clicker (in German called Klicker) is a device which produces a clicking sound when pressed. It’s used in obedience, i.e. dog training, to associate a treat with a click sound. That’s clicker training: Once this association between click and treat is established, the trainer doesn’t need treats as rewards for new behaviour anymore, instead he just clicks. It’s positive reinforcement, B.F. Skinner all over.

I used my blog Klick um Klick for getting feedback about my behaviour. I got it, click for click, or Klick um Klick, in form of comments, discussions, new acquaintances and a lot of fun. Thank you very much, dear reader. You, amongst others, led me to my Agile Trail, which becomes my new blog now.

Read more about the Agile Trail. I’d appriciate it if you’d follow me on my Agile Trail.



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Bernd Schiffer is consultant, trainer and coach for Agile Software Development in Melbourne, Australia. Learn more about him on his personal homepage, have a look at his company Bold Mover, or contact him on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, XING or LinkedIn.

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