Global Day of Code Retreat 2012 – Report from Melbourne

Code Retreat at the GDCR in Melbourne

I was at the Global Day of Code Retreat (GDCR) event in Melbourne on 8 Dec 2012. A code retreat is a great way for software developers to practice their coding skills. Since I was merely an observer on this event, I could have a good view from the outside in. Lot’s of energy there everywhere! Here’s what I saw. Continue reading

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Agile Management Innovations – a Primer

Agile Teams within Organisations – An Organisation’s View

My colleagues and I, we work as Agile coaches. Every now and then new clients invite us to take a look at their Agile teams. These clients typically introduced Agile software development several months before, and they usually say that it was, in general, a good decision. They release more often with fewer bugs, changes to the products are made much more easily, customer happiness is increased, and so on. Yet we see also another picture: the client’s organisation and the client’s team are bull riding together. Continue reading

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[The Pull Principle] Don’t Impose Commands, Offer Choices!

Offer choices!

Talking about the pull principle means to talk about not having authorities and hierarchies, but talking about responsibility and commitment. The pull principle means to have the freedom and autonomy to be responsible and committed. And vice versa people who like practicing pull and having their freedom don’t like authorities: Continue reading

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[The Pull Principle] Pull Your Next Job and Work Mate

We trust in the responsibility
and the commitment of our people.

At it-agile, the company I work for and with, we use pull systems. Of course, whenever it comes to software development or project related activities (like organizing a conferece or the like), we rely on Agile methods like XP, Scrum, and Kanban, and therefore on pull systems. But you might be surprised to see pull at it-agile when it comes to corporate sales and hiring. Continue reading

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[The Pull Principle] People Signing Up for Work

No need for him: In a pull system,
decisions are made by the responsibility
and commitment of experts doing the work.

The pull principle changed the way we work. In the manufacturing process, pull prevents huge inventories and decreases costs, among other useful effects. But the principle does not stop there. Continue reading

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[The Pull Principle] On Supermarkets and Balance Weights

Piggly Wiggly store 1916, the first supermarket in the world

When Clarence Saunders built the very first supermarket, he did not know that he invented a principle that changed the world. It was 1916, when he was annoyed of the fact, that grocery stores – think of small corner shops and the like – only gave one person at a time the chance to order their products. An assistant would then go into the storage room and fetch the goods. This was a very slow way of shopping, and it was also very labour-intensive because of the assistant’s payroll costs. Continue reading

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8 Great Short Games for Groups

Play4Agile Conference Logo

At the Play4Agile 2012 conference in Rückersbach, Germany, in February, I especially enjoyed two sessions. Both sessions were about short games which can be played in trainings and workshops with groups, e.g. to warm up or to make a point in demonstrating team dynamics like collaboration or the like.

Below I describe 8 games from these sessions; there were more, but these were my favorites – or I simply couldn’t remember the others. Continue reading

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